Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Took a blog break and deep cleaning

I took a small break from blogging to get some serious house cleaning done.  The resident teenager spent a few days at football camp. This gave me the perfect opportunity!!

Monday was Day 1.  I cleaned all the living spaces... living room, dining room and bedrooms.  Yep, all in one day.  I was kinda crazy.  I polished all of the glass, brass and chrome.  The couch and chairs got spot cleaned and all the blinds got wiped off.  The bedrooms were the worst.... I took ALL of the bedding off the beds and washed them.  I think in the first day I did 6 loads of laundry.  Then... I put it all back on the beds. The closets had already been decluttered so I was able to skip that step. All of the dresser drawers got emptied out and everything refolded.  By bedtime I was exhausted.

Day 2, Tuesday, was the "wet rooms"-- bathrooms and kitchen. The kitchen took the longest of all.  I took everything off the counters and wiped them down.  All the glass jars got polished.  Every appliance (large and small) got wiped down... inside and out.  The bathrooms were pretty easy.  The cupboards had already been decluttered so it was just a matter of wiping things off.  Everything sparkled.

Days 3 was pretty much just finishing up things that were "undone". When we went to pick up Kiddo at the bus, I was ready for a huge rest.

I took Thursday off to spend with my son.

Friday morning, I filled the sink with hot soapy water and gave all the floors a good mopping.  By Friday night, I had the flu. Guess, I over did it.

The nice things is.... I don't have to do a deep clean of the house before school starts (which I sometimes do).  Now we can spend time doing school shopping and relaxing.

Next, time I plan to do a deep clean, I think I will try to spread it over a few more days.  Lesson learned!!

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