Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Desk

I have been using a fold leaf table as my desk for the past year.  It worked for a while...

What I really needed was a desk for writing and working on my computer (aka blogging and letter writing).

Yesterday, Hubby and I made a quick trip to one of my favorite thrift stores. They have amazing clothes.   Hubby was looking around at the furniture and he found this cute little desk.. $8. Sold!!

Kiddo and Hubby carried it in and I started emptying out my desk area (we all share a room for office work and school).

It has a few flaws around the front edge as you can see.  I need to find my wood markers and fix that soon.

The drawer in the front roll out and drops down to expose my laptop.  My computer officially has a safe home.

I had fun decorating my desk top. I left enough room to do some letter writing.

I just love all of the cubbies.  I was able to display my button collection and my sewing tools. 

I probably over did it with all the fun stuff but... it's my desk and most of it has been in moving boxes and it is good to see my treasures. 

In the far cubbie, I stored all of my antique hankies (men's and women's).  They make me smile and think of my grandparents.

I even went crazy with the lacy doilies. 
It won't be enough space to do any sewing but... that is why we have a large dining room table in the other room.  

I am pretty pleased with our $8 purchase and how well it jazzes up the space. 

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  1. I love a new/old piece of furniture and this looks like it would be fun painted teal or goldenrod or just leave as is!