Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Antique Store Finds

We have this amazing antique mall not far from our house.  Kiddo is off to football camp this week so Hubby and I did a bit of shopping/treasure hunting.

This will be great for making bacon and sausages. 

 We have been looking for a cast iron dutch oven for quite some time.  We finally found one!! It is in excellent condition. I am so looking forward to using it soon.

Now I can get rid of one of my plastic pitchers... This is a great glass one.

I found these glass bread pans.  I am so glad because my metal pans are looking quite sad. 

I saw a couple of these while we were shopping. The first one... the recipes were missing.  The second one was all rusty and dented.  This box had all the recipes and is in amazing condition... it even had the plastic wrap still attached.

 As we were leaving the store, I found this fun hat.  Now I have a fun hat to wear on the weekends,

I am horrible at selfies but... here is me in the hat.

I collect corningware.  It came with a carrying tray. I have two casseroles this size now.  

This was the find of the day. A beautiful imperial sewing machine.  The case needs some cleaning up but the machine is ready for sewing. Now I have to figure out how to fill the bobbin and thread the machine.   Hubby turned it on... it has the greatest sound.  

It was a great time with my hubby finding these amazing treasures.

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