Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Master Bedroom Redecorate

I have been waiting to redecorate my bedroom since before we moved into our current house.  First of all we needed a new bed.  Then we would buy a new comforter and new throw pillows.

After saving up, we finally bought a new bed.

Next we picked out new bedding and pillows.  Here is the reveal:

I am a huge fan of a checkered pattern.  Everything is reversible.... a big buffalo check on one side and a smaller pattern on the other. We splurged and bought new pillows as well.  So nice!!

While I was giving the room a new look, I decided to change up the flat surface decor as well.  A little bit more elegant.  

The top of the dresser is a bit simpler than before.  I brought the milkglass vases in from the living room.  I can now display my faux pearls in a new way. 

The antique quilt that was originally on the bed has been packed away for safe keeping.  

Now to find new curtains for the room.... decisions, decisions.  

The new bed is amazing!!  Sleeping better is a huge blessing. 

Kiddo's room is next... new bed, new bedding and a bit of a redecorate (more of an older boy look is in order).

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Tree 2017

This morning is a bit chilly so I am writing this post as I sit beside our electric fireplace... nice and cozy.

Last year our Christmas tree refused to cooperate.  Only half of the lights worked.  It was time for a new tree.

We found a 6 ft tree at our local home improvement store.  I was sold.  We have low ceilings so a taller tree was out of the question.  Some day I will have tall ceilings and have a tall graceful tree.
 We had to put it in a place where the dogs would leave it alone.  We have one dog that eats the plastic ornaments off the tree.  Then she has intestinal issues for days afterward.  I decided to remove the reading lamp and put the tree between the reading chairs. So far they have left the tree alone.  I am able to breath a sigh of relief

Here is the tree in the process of being decorated.  I did a combo of retro and victorian.  I didn't think it would look right but I am pleased at how it turned out. My son asked for a "grown up tree".  He was tired of kiddy ornaments and I completely agreed.

I decorated it with red balls, victorian hearts, icicles, silver ornaments and gold ornaments.  I am still deciding if I want to add more tinsel. I still have time.

I am not a fan of overly done Christmas trees.  I much prefer a simple tree where you can see each individual ornament.   The last thing I want is for it to get lost in the "excess".

Check by on Thursday for my collections post.  It will be about some of the ornaments on the tree... a few special ones.

I am spending my free time getting out my Christmas dishes and redecorating  (just a bit) in the master bedroom. Check back later this week for updates on those things.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pull Apart Dinner Rolls

These dinner rolls are fun to eat for kids and adults.  You can break them apart into three bite-sized pieces or split them in the middle and fill them with butter.

They are delicious as well.

Here is the recipe:

1 1/2 cup warm water
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 egg 
2 teaspoon quick rising yeast
3 T white granulated sugar

Allow the yeast to activate and then start adding the rest of the ingredients. 

1/2 t. salt
5-6 cups white all purpose flour

Mix and kneed the dough until it is soft and elastic (not sticky).

Allow it to rest and rise until doubled (about an hour).

Gently deflate the dough. 

Roll it into small balls. 

See the size based on the end of the paring knife.

Add three of the balls into the cup of a muffin pan (well greased). They will stick together and crowd each other.

Allow the dough to rise until almost doubled. 

Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 16 minutes (until golden brown).

They are so fluffy and tasty.  Watch them disappear at Thanksgiving.  

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 13: Countdown to Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

It is a week filled with last minute cleaning and cooking.

Click here to get the to do list for the Grand Holiday Plan.

Click here to get the to do list for the House and Holiday Plan.

Both plans have us in the dining room getting the space ready for Thursday!!

I was under the weather yesterday so nothing much got done.  I have a big day... today.... attempting to catch up.


I need to clean up the dining room from top to bottom.  I already decluttered my dish shelves so there is one less thing for me to do. We just got back from a quick weekend trip for my son's football so there are bags still half unpacked and laundry to catch up on.  I can't start cooking for Thanksgiving until I do a large stack of dishes that accumulated while I was sleeping yesterday away on the couch.

To say I am overwhelmed it an understatement.


I have Thanksgiving dishes to prepare and baking to do.  Dinner rolls and maybe cinnamon rolls.


Nope and double nope. 


My Christmas tree is up and about 3/4 decorated.  I am hoping to finish it on Friday or let my son finish it.  I want to hang my interior Christmas lights on Friday or Saturday.  Hubby has agreed to handle the outdoor decorating if time in his schedule allows.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I will be skipping the collections post this week as it will be Thanksgiving.  I will post pics of my baking and cleaned dining room... check back.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Collections: Vintage Hankies

When I was old enough to carry a purse (around 4 years old), my grandmother gave me my first handkerchief. She said it was important to have one "just in case".

Later, I was given this one decorated with small children
It didn't fair too well in my little purse as you can see by the ripped corner.

Over the years, I have added to my handkerchief collection.
I was given this one by a work associate the summer that I got married.  She said "a bride needed a small hankie stuffed up her sleeve just in case she gets weepy during the service".  The lace on the edge is  pale blue... so I had something blue as well.

This one was in the "dresser box" that I got from my grandmother.  She loved blue.  

As I wander through antique stores, I enjoy keeping my eyes open for dainty handkerchiefs to add to my collection.

I even buy the ones that are in poor condition... especially if they have a beautiful pattern that is still visible. 

I was surprised when I was given a few of my grandfather's handkerchiefs.  When I was little, it was my job to iron them.

Rather than hide all the handkerchiefs away in a box or a drawer, I hang a few of them up on my memory board in my office area.

When I go to a wedding, a baptism or baby dedication, I stick a soft handkerchief  in my purse.  I think it is more elegant to wipe away a happy tear with a soft cloth than with a Kleenex. 

Next week, we will be skipping my Thursday collection post... as it will be Thanksgiving.  We will resume November 30. 

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